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Pipe relining

Pipe relining is a trenchless technology that involves inserting a flexible liner into an existing pipe and curing it in place to create a new, durable pipe.


Leak detection

Leak detection is the process of identifying and locating any kind of leaks in plumbing systems through various methods such as visual inspection sound detection.

Pipe repair

Pipe repair refers to the process of fixing damaged or deteriorated plumbing pipes through various methods such as patching, or pipe replacement.

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Relining Pipes has never been easier with Pro Jet Pipe Relining technologies.

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We are not just experienced plumbers, we’ve graduated beyond household plumbing and now offer premium pipe relining.


WIth over 20 years of experience in the field. We have expanded our horizon into relining pipes as to avoid costly digging and save you time and money.


We can often save you a lot of time and money. Relining a pipe means no need for costly digging equipment, no need to traffic controllers or any form of council approval.

Eastern Suburbs Specials

Pipe Relining Company

Being a local Vaucluse boy, I’ve set out to offer my services locally at more competitive rates. So feel free to contact us for a quote and don’t be shy to mention that we’re neighbours.

Please note that discounted rates only apply to Eastern Suburbs.